Tacit Shole Cup Cutter

  • 03/15/2021 5:23 PM
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    I am in the market for a new cup cutter and I know everyone has a preference, but after the numerous times I've seen it on twitter, I have to ask. Does anyone have any experience with the Tacit Shole Cup cutter? I know its expensive but so is everything we buy anymore. For as much as we cut cups, a tool the makes it easier, quicker, or less strenuous on employees is always a plus. 

    A little back round information. We have 8 push up greens, and 2 greens built out of pond muck, not lying, actual pond dredging. We currently use the HIO, and our problem lies with the pond muck... go figure. It is ridiculously hard to eject the plug, even for me (27) my assistant (23). I'm curious if the rotating plug ejection handle combined with the venting of the cutter will eject the muck! I know a lot of guys use and love the twist in, but I don't because I grew up using the hammer in style then moved on to HIO. It is also very hard to twist something into muck if you can imagine. 

    I have been in touch with a salesman from Tacit and he is willing to ship me a demo. They currently don't have any salesman in the mid-west. If anyone is interested in seeing it, reach out to me and I will let you know when its here. 

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