Code of Ethics

The Superintendents Professional Code of Ethics

Statement of Policy

This code of ethics is established to promote and maintain the highest professional standards of service and conduct among the membership of the Iowa GCSA. Steadfastly maintaining these principles will accrue to the membership a level of recognition and respect justly deserved of those who encounter any member. Through high regard for and strong enforcement of the Code, membership in this Association will be deemed a significant indicator of individual responsibility, character and professionalism.

All members of the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association accept and fully agree to abide by this Code and pledge themselves to:

1) Recognize and discharge all his/her responsibilities and duties in such a fashion as to be a credit to this Association and profession.

2) Practice and insist upon sound business and turf management principles in exercising the responsibilities of his/her position.

3) Utilize every practicable opportunity to expand his/her professional knowledge thereby improving themselves and their profession.

4) Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the profession of Golf Course Superintendent.

5) Base endorsements, either written or verbal by means of any medium, strictly upon satisfactory personal experiences with the item identified.

6) Refrain from encouraging or accepting considerations of any value without the express understanding of all parties that said consideration is available to all in similar circumstances, and that no actions shall be forthcoming as a result of acceptance.

7) Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in his/her relationships with fellow Golf Course Superintendents and others associated with this profession and industry.

8) Assist his/her fellow Superintendents in all ways consistent with his/her abilities, only when called upon to do so and with the incumbent Superintendent┬╣s knowledge, participation, and acceptance.

9) Abstain from the debasement of or encroachment upon the professional reputation, practice, or employment of another Superintendent.

10) Lend his/her support to and actively participate in the efforts of his/her local chapter and National Association to improve public understanding and recognition of the profession of Golf Course Superintendent.

11) Abstain from any exploitation of his/her Association, industry or profession.

12) Present information and participate as a witness in all proceedings to which there exists a violation of this Code of Ethics.

The Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.
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