Economic Impact Study

The Iowa Golf Council, which is a partnership of the Iowa Golf Association, Iowa Section PGA & Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association, recently commissioned a study on the economic impact of golf in the state of Iowa.

The study, which began in late 2016 using 2015 data, was completed in early 2017 and found that golf in Iowa has an economic impact of $817.5 million.  The game employs 11,435 individuals amounting to $280.2 million in compensation and accounted for $72 million in state and local taxes.  You can view the entire Economic Impact Report here.

This study shows how big of an industry golf is in Iowa.  It drives significant economic impact throughout the state.  The study includes not only direct operational expenditures and capital investments made by golf facilities in Iowa, but also golf-related manufacturing and retail spending, golf tourism, and new golf related construction.  Every Iowan should be proud of the fact that golf generated nearly $30 million in charitable dollars in 2015.

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