Assistant Superintendent of the Year

 Tom Klein
 Byrnes Park Golf Course
 Joe Pfiffner
 Willow Creek Golf Course
 Scott Axon
 Des Moines Golf & Country Club
 Not Awarded
 Joyce Greene
 Elmcrest Country Club
 Not Awarded
 Dave Roe
 Squaw Creek Golf Course
 Dennis Jones
 Waverly Municipal Golf Course
 Chris Coen
 Glen Oaks Country Club
 Larry Parker
 Kathy Christiansen
 Riceville Country Club
 Mark Pierce
 Beaver Hills Country Club
 Corey Shipman
 Roland Trimble
 Chad Frush
 Centennial Oaks Golf Club
 Jeff Bosworth
 Jeff Nancarrow
 Scott Thayer
 Tournament Club of Iowa
 Not Awarded
 Randy Robinson
 Lincoln Valley Golf Course
 Luke Kilgard
 Elmcrest Country Club
 Nick Cummins
 Crow Valley Golf Club
 Corey DePauw
 Twin Pines Golf Course
 Chad Bildstein
 Not Awarded
 Patrick Wynja
 Ballard Golf & Country Club
 Not Awarded
 Tim Salazar
 Cedar Rapids Country Club
 Drew Blocker
 Crow Valley Golf Club
 Chuck Schweikert
 Hyperion Field Club
 Not Awarded
 Kirk Hudson
 Glen Oaks Country Club
 2017 Joshua Ellis Thunder Hills Country Club

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